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Clarinet Festival 2008 in Tokyo:Tama is a festival of the clarinet held in Parthenon Tama.
The description matter of this homepage (appearance, time, and number, etc.) might be changed without announcement except for on this web site. .
Hall Parthenon Tama
Period August 25, 2008(Monday)〜August 28(Thursday)  Preliminary contest of the 7th Japanese clarinet competition
August 30, 2008(Saturday)  The 7th Japanese clarinet competition Final
August 28, 2008(Thursday)〜August 31(Sunday)  Clarinet Festival 2008 in Tokyo・Tama

I am delighted to report that the Clarinet Festival 2008 in Tama- from the competition that began the festival to the Gala Concert on the closing night- was a terrific success.
Despite the unusually heavy rain that we had to endure this year, causing flooding in part of the Parthenon Tama building and even train delays in parts of Tokyo, our schedule went smoothly.
So much could have gone wrong in such circumstances, but the staff at Parthenon Tama and all of the volunteers at JCS all pulled together to make it a great festival from start to finish.
This year's festival included marvelous performances from numerous international clarinetists, jazz concerts, folk music, and all kinds in between. We were also assisted by three great international clarinetists in the judging of the final round of the competition.
Finally, I would like to extend my warmest gratitude to the Tama Center Foundation of Culture, our sponsors, performers, and all the members of JCS that helped to make this festival possible.

Masaharu Yamamoto General Director of Operations,
2008 Clarinet Festival in Tama, Tokyo President, Japan Clarinet Society

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Clarinet Festival 2008 in Tokyo:Tama Planning committee
(JCS/Foundation Tama City cultural Promoting Foundation)
The Japan Clarinet Society, in partnership with the Tama City Department of Culture, is proud to announce the “Clarinet Festival 2008 Tama,Tokyo.”
This is festival in August will be a celebration of clarinet and fun for students, amateurs, and professionals alike.
Here at JCS we hold a Clarinet Festival annually, but we hope to outdo ourselves this year.
On the program we will enjoy performances from great clarinetists both from home and abroad.
You might even be reminded of the “International ClarinetFest 2005 in Tama.”This year’s Festival will run from the Opening Banquet Dinner on the 27th of August to the Gala Concert on the 31st, in simultaneity with the Seventh Annual Clarinet Competition which will run from the 25th to the 30th.
For everyone that loves music and clarinet- teachers, students, amateurs- we present to you the Clarinet Festival 2008 Tama, Tokyo.

See you there!
Masaharu Yamamoto

Festival Organizing Committee President
Japan Clarinet Society President


Tama City
Tama City the board of education

Supporting Companies

Buffet crampon Ltd.
Nonaka trade Ltd
Yamaha Motor Co., Ltd..

Rohm Music Foundation

Execution committee organization

Honored chairperson

Sachiko Watanabe of mayor of Tama City


Masaharu Yamamoto(President of Japanese clarinet society)


Mituru Watanabe(chief director of Tama City Culture Promoting Foundation)
Masasi Togame(Japanese clarinet society vice-president)
Special Counsel Keiji Furuya(Diet member)
Planning committee
【 Japanese clarinet society 】
Shigeru Ikushima , Daiyuu Ueno , Ikuo Inagaki , Seizi Otuka , Tomohiko Oowada , Seizi Ogiwara , Masataka Kaihoko , Mitusi Kaneko , Kazuhiko Sakamoto ,Seiki Sinohe , Tatsuo Simosawa , Hitosi Sekiguchi , Tadyosi Takeda , Akira Tanaka , Naosi Chiba , Akira Tsunoda , Masasi Togame , Kazuko Ninomiya , Takesi Nozaki , Yurika Hirao , Junichi Hiruta , Takasi Furukawa , Masaharu Yamamoto
【Tama City Culture Promoting Foundation 】Mituhiko Ogawa ,Tosiaki Kantou
【 inter muse Tokyo Ltd. 】Tomoya Ogawa

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